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One Last Huzzah!

A Special Concert, a Temporary Farewell to the Grand Old Lady,
Before We Close for the Capital Campaign Renovation Project



Sunday, August 27

8:00 pm

Since the Playhouse doors will close in September for the renovation project, we expect that quite a few of our patrons will want to join us for this concert to bid a fond, but temporary, farewell to the 100-year-old Grand Old Lady.

Our seating is limited to 386 patrons due to Fire Marshall restrictions; consequently, tickets will be required for this concert. The tickets will still be free.

Tickets may be picked up at Whitehall City Hall during normal business hours and at the door unless we are “sold out.”

Donations to help “close the gap” for the capital campaign renovation project will be accepted at City Hall and at the performance. At last report, we are $54,000 short of our $3.6 million goal.

One Last Huzzah!

Sold OutJoin us for a free concert celebrating the first 100 years of the Howmet Playhouse, and offer one last huzzah as we prepare to begin the Capital Campaign Renovation Project.

Our doors will close after this concert. When we reopen, you will be amazed by the renovated and expanded Playhouse as we enter our second century.

The concert will feature a number of names that have graced the Howmet Playhouse stage over the years: Max and Ruth Bloomquist, the Oat Bran Boys, Karen and Eric Smith, Tommy Foster, Scott Nesbit, Justin Advek, and Michael Snell.

Ruth and Max Bloomquist The Oat Bran Boys
Karen and Eric Smith Tommy Foster
Scott Nesbit Justin Advek
Michael Snell